Top 9 things to do in Bangkok

We chose the top 9 things to do because we’re comedians and want to drive someone with OCD mad. Even if we did a “Top 10 List’, we’d call it “The Top 9 Plus 1 List” of things to do in Bangkok Nightlife. This is from a collective 2 decades of experience living in Bangkok so we hope it helps 🙂

1) Massages

Traditional Thai massages are relaxing, affordable and everywhere! Get a foot massage, Thai massage, 4-hand massage, head massage…. then go for breakfast. There is also the “happy ending” option, we’re no experts on this but it seems like anything but a relaxing end. May we suggest the “happy-start, massage-ending”?

2) Eat something besides Pad-Thai

Come on, don’t let Pad Thai be the only catalyst for your Bangkok diarrhoea bout. Your body is running a clearance sale, the least you can do is offer variety! Forget kale, Thai curries are actual superfoods – They taste great and come in red, yellow and green. There are so many delightful Thai foods on offer, go wild!

3) Sky-bars

Bangkok Sky-bars come in all shapes and sizes. The Lebua is arguably the Snoop Dogg of Bangkok Sky-bars, skinny, famous and incredibly high! It’s on the 63rd floor and made famous by the movie, The Hangover 2. You’ll need to dress up for this expensive treat. You can also visit our personal favourite, The 49th floor, Octave Skybar, which is in many ways the opposite of Snoop Dogg; Shorter, less famous… but up-coming.

4) Muay-Thai Fight

Many unlucky tourists find themselves actually involved in these. Generally they are drunk, misbehaving and certainly not in a boxing ring. Avoid these ones and rather watch a vast number of talented fighters go head-head. Prices can be expensive, but then again I presume a danger pay premium is only fair. There is also a free option at MBK Centre on Wednesdays.

5) The Comedy House Bangkok

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world, so stand-up comedy is a natural addition to this melting-pot of a destination. There are multiple shows a night. The comedians, as well as the crowd, are a beautiful mix of nationalities which makes the Comedy something truly unique to Bangkok. A great starter or alternative to the madness around you.

6) Chatuchak Weekend Market

You have to go shopping for your colleagues back home, else helpful Karen might not let you forward your emails to her on your adventure. Maybe there are friends you want to spoil, this is a wonderful place to do this. There are a wonderful variety of gifts on offer. Some are perfect, and then they also sell hammocks. Pointless unless the lucky recipient has two well-placed trees. Chatuchak boasts to be the biggest weekend market in the world and you can easily get lost in a maze of restaurants, massage parlours, gift stores and if you’re lucky you might even find the hammock store.

7)  Khaosan Road

This is the street of madness. Market by day, inhabited by productive market shoppers and lunch goers as well as the hungover zombie-people who were partying apocalyptically just a few hours previously. And in a Cinderella twist, by night it becomes the party street it is famous for. Adventurous travellers visit Bangkok in their millions every year and many spend their entire Bangkok visit on Khaosan Road, staying at one of the many hostels and hotels right on the doorstep. In fact, For some, Bangkok comprises only an airport, highway and Khaosan Road.

8) Temples, Temples and Temples

The Grand Palace, The Reclining Budha and The Golden Budha our amongst our favourites. The Grand Palace is filled with history, art and tourists. We advise getting a guide so as to better learn all the things, and of course, contribute to local business. The Reclining Budha, Wat Pho, is a 46m long Budha. This will certainly make a great profile pic. The Golden Budha is 5.5 tonnes of pure gold. It has the most fascinating story, only being discovered in 1955, having spent centuries covered in plaster.

9) Bang Krachao – No, this is not a verb, but a location. Its nickname is the Lung of Bangkok as it is an island in the heart of the beating city. If you are up for something off the beaten path and budget conscious, this may be just for you. A quick ฿10 longtail boat ride gets you on solid ground and once there you can rent a bicycle and a map! Add that to lush green vegetation, coffee shops, small temples and a floating market and you’re on your own little adventure! If that hasn’t sold it to you, the bicycle comes with a bell 😉

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