We’re officially Top 10 in Bangkok

This week has been a great week for The Comedy House Bangkok and we’re super grateful to every person who has come to support us!

We had our first SOLD OUT show, Woohoo!!!! The crowd was absolute fire! From a German/British Couple who met in Australia while picking blueberries to 3 Doctors from Sudan who helped the comedian heckle each other mercilessly, a Teacher/Policeman couple from Canada whose only fight they ever have is over washing and of course many more amazing people. The international element of the crowds makes each show unique and tailormade, which also keeps comedians on their feet.

We also officially made it on to the TOP 10 list for shows in Bangkok on Tripadvisor! This is purely driven from audience feedback and it is great to know that people are having a blast and endorsing The Comedy House Bangkok for other travellers looking for things to do in Bangkok. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review us.

Bangkok has also been blessed this year to host some of the very best comedians in the world – Doug Stanhope, Bill Bailey, Russell Peters, Tom Rhodes and a surprise visit by comedy legend Hannibal Burres! The most visited city in the world is also becoming a destination for comedians to perform in front of wonderful, international audiences and we never know who might be coming next.

If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok, come say hi and join us for a night of stand-up comedy, we’d love to have you over. If you’ve read this far, and because we love you, use the code “Top10” to get 50% off on online tickets!

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