Jurassic World

This week I watched Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom. So many reviews start with this line, as if there are just loads of reviews being written by people who skipped the movie and relied on the trailer. But I did go watch the movie, honestly. I bought cheese flavored popcorn which was disgusting, and I am tempted to spend the next 200 words reviewing cheese flavored popcorn. Two items which on their own, are exceptional, but just shouldn’t go together. You’re probably reading this saying “duh”. Funny enough, you could probably review cheese flavored popcorn without having eaten said concoction. Terrible!

Which is what many reviews said about Jurassic Park, terrible, disappointing and cliche. To which I say, It’s the fifth edition, what were you expecting? If you want a unique storyline then this isn’t the movie for you. It’s the fifth movie! I went in wanting dinosaurs and decent popcorn. I got my dinosaurs, I’m happy. It is more of the same, I’m fine with that. I’m sure that all the actors had to do to prepare for the role was practise their “I’m so incredibly scared” face and of course run! Run! And Run again! Run away. Run towards. Just run, and look scared, don’t forget to look scared. But I had a thrilling time.  The actual dinosaurs were as impressive as ever and it took me away to a surreal world that I have long imagined from the first time I was a toddler watching the land before time. Of course (spoiler alert) they make a new scary dinosaur in the evil lab, where I’m sure they also made my popcorn flavour.

Go watch it, just manage your expectations. the dinosaurs are scary, beautiful and imaginative. Sure, the story-line is cheesy, but that’s fine as long as the popcorn isn’t.

Dustin Moore

Resident Comedians, The Comedy House Bangkok

1 thought on “Jurassic World

  1. Hahaha awesome. Thanks for managing expectations and not buttering it up!

    Psyched to see some scary dinosaurs now!


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