How to Khaosan like a Bro

Thousands of people visit Khaosan Road each year, and everyone has their own way of celebrating it! However, none as uniquely as the “Bro”!

We all “Know the Bro”. He’s been in the gym for 6 months, bench-pressing, calorie-counting and protein-shaking. He’s ready for Khaosan road, but, is Khaosan road ready for him? He certainly doesn’t think so. He is never seen alone, he travels in a pack, “The crew”. They carry the same look, even the same hairstyle. Was the barber running a buy 1 get 2 free special? Armed with his 10% body fat he arrives in the city and checks in to his hostel that has the sickest reviews and maddest parties, obviously. First step is Wifi, not to find cultural experiences and Thai traditional restaurants, this savage is getting ready to Tinder. Blessed are those that match with him. In his own words, it will be “All right”.

The squad need to find appropriate (Smallest) vests to show off how jacked they are. To be fair, Bangkok is a very hot city, and so the tiny shirts do make sense. It’s the long pants that don’t? How badly did we ignore the bottom half of the body bro?

Now they need to get wasted. Buckets of alcohol filled with vodka and red bull and big bottles of beer, they are well on their way to accomplishing their mission. That’s pretty much all they will remember. Next step is waking up with a crazy hangover and piecing together the evening around the brunch table. I said brunch, yes I know they don’t brunch, but brunch is amazing. Learn to brunch bro!

Dustin Moore

Resident Comedian, The Comedy House Bangkok

1 thought on “How to Khaosan like a Bro

  1. The description is very on point. This makes I adore them more, my favorite bros. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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