Something different to do on Khaosan Road

The common answer is to get wasted and find yourself in a ping pong show at 3am watching a lady do things you never thought were possible or imagined. But what after that? What if that isn’t your cup of tea? Why not experience a Comedy and Mentalism show?

The beauty of this city is in it’s fusion of cultures, which has become Bangkok. and it could be argued that few experiences represent this more than a live entertainment show of stand-up comedy and the world’s only Thai Mentalist.
The Comedy House Bangkok, situated in the ever-popular Khaosan Road, is the answer many tourists may be looking for.

The comedians are an international mix of hilarious performers. From appearing on Comedy Central to winning international awards, they are seriously funny! There are ten comedians that form the “House Residents” and when they are not touring the world they are crafting their material for enthusiastic tourists!

Combine all the above with a convenient location right off Khaosan Road, a world-class venue made for such shows and affordable beers for the price-conscious traveler, this may well be the best part of your trip.

Welcome to The Comedy House Bangkok

Dustin Moore 

Resident comedian at The Comedy House Bangkok

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